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May 2013

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Sat Nam.


Greetings from New Mexico! In the USA we celebrate Mother’s day in May. No matter what country or culture you are from, it is always a good idea to remember and give thanks to your mother. Here is a great story that Yogi Bhajan told in November 1973.

“There is a great story in the scriptures, once a son came to mother asked for permission.

She said, “God goes with you but when you finish fighting come soon because I am preparing a good meal for you.”

He said, “As you said mother.”

He left, he told his friend, he said, “Rush up into the chariot I have to go and fight right away.”

You know in those days wars were during the day, when sun sets war closes.

He said, “I am going to come back and eat. My mother said she is going to prepare this meal for me.”

He said, “You are a fool, people go in war to think of food, God knows whether we are going to come home today or not what are you talking about?”

He said, “You don’t bother about that, so you just hurry up on the chariot so that we can go and do our thing and come back.”

So they went: one was to run the chariot, the other was to fight. The army attacked, the whole day it was a pitch battle. Chariot broke and they were terribly wounded, it was the middle of the day, then evening came, and all the army pitched back to their tents. They were terribly injured and he was in a very great pain. But the moment the evening started coming, his wounds started healing, automatically. Finally, by the time everything calmed down he was absolutely all right.

Now his friend was very badly injured so immediately he picked him up and his friend said, “In a few more moments I am going to die, why are you doing this?”

He said, “No, my mother will like to have a friend also at the meal.”

The moment he started saying this, his friend’s wounds started healing and finally his friend said, “Why don’t you let me walk on the ground I am all right.”

They both came back, back in that tiny village the mother was waiting with a very good meal, they both ate and they told the story.

And then the mother immediately retired to that divine mother and she said in prayer, “Oh divine mother, oh Adi Shakti, today to my finite self, If have given my word on your behalf as a mother to my son. No mother wants her son to die, that’s why I said so, but you are great, you really worked a non-reality into a reality.”

“And immediately the divine mother appeared, the Adi Shakti appeared, and she said, ‘I am grateful to you for testing me, because this is my job, I am a compassion, I am a mother, I turn my blood into milk, so the generations may live. I am, I am. I have not done any favor to you today because you sent your son in my name as a mother, rather I am pleased with you that you sent him with this vibration. You gave me a chance that is Shakti Infinite, ever creating, ever healing, ever compassionate, ever graceful, ever delightful, ever joyful, ever beautiful, always known, always known.’”

May is Teachers month. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, please come and share in a fantastic experience with us. Come and recognize your most beautiful Self in New Mexico this summer. Sign up now for the Aquarian Teacher International Teacher Training Level One course in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. I really look forward to this course every summer. Students come from all over the world for twenty seven days of an immersed study of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Learning the skills and consciousness of being a teacher is a truly noble endeavor. And it is great fun for me to get to know everyone personally during the training! Visit our site for more information.

Have you visited our KRI Facebook page? We have more than 17,000 friends, lots of announcements, content and comments on our wall. Come join us there!

Blessing to all the Mothers and Teachers on this planet!

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

CEO Kundalini Research Institute





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Recipe of the month:  " Yogi Bhajan's May Clove Recipe* "


For the Month of May Only (every May!)

May Clove Recipe

Spring is often a time of cleansing and processing, which in turn makes one more vulnerable to colds and flu. Here is a reminder from Gurusahay Singh Khalsa, D.C., about a remedy for the month of May.

Take a handful of cloves and soak them in room temperature water overnight-no need to boil. First thing in the morning, when you brush your teeth, take 3-4 tablespoons of the clove water (not more then 5-don't overdo it.), swish it around in your mouth and then swallow.

For convenience, you can make enough for three of four days and keep it in the refrigerator. For best results, take some every day throughout the month of May.

"It will save you from a lot of viral diseases. The month of May breeds viruses. Your ears, nose and throat will all be all right. Symptoms will almost not appear. If you do it every year, you will never fall apart" -Yogi Bhajan

This information comes from ancient yogic traditions. Nothing in this manual should be construed as medical advice. Any recipes mentioned herein may contain potent herbs, botanicals and naturally occurring ingredients which have traditionally been used to support the structure and function of the human body. Always check with your personal physician or licensed health care practitioner before making any significant modification in your diet or lifestyle, to insure that the ingredients or lifestyle changes are appropriate for your personal health condition and consistent with any medication you may be taking.






Research and Kundalini Yoga


Mindfulness, Meditation and Current Research Applications

By JanSev Singh & Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

Mindfulness meditation and the psychological application of mindfulness are seemingly taking over the world of contemplative practice as well as that of psychotherapy. Mindfulness is characterized by one’s attention being fully engaged in the present moment, where thoughts, emotions and objective phenomena all become observable features within consciousness. This is not just a state attained by sitting in a single posture. Rather, mindfulness is considered an achievable state of consciousness in everyday waking life. For example, in the Buddhist tradition Zen is used as a means to increase mindfulness through seated meditation practices and contemplation.

Mindfulness has been shown to have significant clinical implications. The mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) program is a secular approach to mindfulness that was originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center that incorporates mindfulness meditation practice in addition to meditation on the breath, body scanning and lightly held hatha yoga postures. This has now been evaluated by an extensive and rapidly growing body of scientific research including that by noted proponents Kabat-Zinn and Richard Davidson. MBSR has been shown to increase mindfulness while also improving psychological well-being, perceived stress, and pathological symptoms in both normative and patient populations. Clinical application of mindfulness and the MBSR program has continued to grow, and even diversify. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has been developed and is now supported by numerous studies to be just as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy for treating depression relapse.

Widespread attraction to mindfulness meditation in therapy was evident as early as 1998 when over 200 clinics were reported world-wide. Now there are at least 890 clinical practitioners of the MBSR program, and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center alone has put over 18,000 participants through its program. Furthermore, between 1977 and 1994 just 1-3 mindfulness research publications were submitted per year compared to a reported 290 publications in 2009. Popular growth, clinical application and research have been further supported by the Dalai Lama.

The very active Mind and Life Institute and the Dalai Lama work in conjunction to support mindfulness research internationally. Particularly notable are brain imaging studies on both advanced and novice mindfulness meditators. One such study showed that mindfulness practice increases regional gray matter concentrations in the brain, specifically in areas that are associated with memory and learning, perspective taking, emotional regulation and self-referential processing. Additionally, meditation practices have been shown to increase left pre-frontal cortical activity in the brain, which is associated with general feelings of well-being. These studies have contributed significantly to our understanding of the neuroscientific basis of contemplative practices including yoga.

An example of the growth and strength of mindfulness application and research is the annual mindfulness research conference held by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The Center for Mindfulness, whose vision is for an awakened and compassionate world, hosts this international event in hopes of seeing those interested in and working directly with mindfulness meditation connect and grow in a mutual understanding of the development of this practice. At the 11th annual conference held on April 17-21, researchers presented scientific findings on mindfulness and meditation while also discussing the application and integration of these practices into medicine and society.

Our mindfulness research colleagues are well ahead of those of us who are dedicated to yoga research - we are holding only our 3rd Symposium on Yoga Research on June 11-13 this year ( ). However, we are grateful for their research which has enhanced our understanding of the neurobiology of the meditative component of yoga practice. Many yoga researchers believe that yoga practice may be more effective than meditation alone, given the additional significant practices of postures/exercises and pranayama. Interestingly, one of the more effective aspects of MBSR may be the hatha yoga practice component. This was shown in one analytic review of MBSR studies to have significantly more benefit when compared to the other MBSR components, including body scanning and meditation practices, despite the fact that yoga was practiced less often and for fewer hours. We look forward to the day when we can conduct comparative research to support this proposed superiority of a full, contemplative, traditional yoga practice over meditation alone.



Research and Kundalini Yoga


JanSev Singh


Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.






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News from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings


Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

 May: Mother the First Teacher

This May we are celebrating the Mother - The First Teacher. May happens to be the month during which I was born, so I have always enjoyed this month! In May, the Mother energy truly comes alive as Winter has been fully shrugged off with Spring’s arrival - the entire energy of Mother Earth rises from its Winter Dormancy and comes into full Spring Bloom. There is a tangible sense that life has fully returned to its active and growing phase contained within each new leaf bud, blossom, or flowering bulb that is ready to grow into full form.

May is the Fifth month of the year. In Tantric Numerology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, five represents the Fifth Body - the Physical Body. Just as the Mother gives of her physical body to grow and nourish her child, Mother Nature is stepping into full physical revelation this month. In a similar manner, ideas and projects are coming to fruition this month, and one may get to taste the sweet fruit of their hard labor and efforts as a token of reward.

This year, Mother’s Day arrives on May 12th. Remember to do something special for your mother - call her, send her flowers, whatever you know she will appreciate as a token of your gratitude for her love and support. Remember, also, to give back to the Mother of Us All - the Divine Mother - symbolized by Mother Earth. Chant the “Ma” mantra with the “The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection & Positivity” to call on the Divine Mother’s compassion and protection. Let your soul become the child and the Universe become your mother. Let Her come to your aid and comfort!

This month, let us connect to The First Teacher - The Mother. Let us share Her qualities with the world- compassion and protection. Let us radiate these qualities into the world.

This month, we’d like to thank the new members of our family of donors to The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.  We’d like to thank them for their support and for their work in bringing energy to the mission of The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings - to share and preserve the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Please consider investing your energy into this precious resource of The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings by clicking here to donate today!

In Service,

Siri Sadhana Singh Khalsa
Fundraising for The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings
Kundalini Research Institute
Donate today!:



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We Are KRI


The Kundalini Research Institute has a community of Trainers around the globe. These Trainers are members of the Aquarian Trainer Academy which has over 600 members on every continent and most major cities around the world. We would like you to get to know the Trainers and the wonderful service that they do both in Teacher Training and in their communities. This section of our newsletter is dedicated to telling their stories.

Each Year KRI selects two members of the Training Community to honor for their service. This year the two honorees are SS Gurudev Singh Khalsa of Austin Texas and MSS Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa of Vancouver. This month let us introduce you to SS Gurudev Singh and please look for an article on MSS Guru Raj Kaur in the July newsletter.

SS Gurudev Singh became a student of Yogi Bhajan as very young man in 1977. He began in the Mexico City Ashram under the guidance of Babaji Singh. He took his first Teacher Training course in 1978 in San Diego and has been Teaching Kundalini Yoga ever since. The Siri Singh Sahib inspired him to study, to become a teacher, to develop business, to marry and have a family. He is a devoted yogi and through his practice, his devotion to the Guru as a Minister of Sikh Dharma, and his experience as a business owner, he has focused his life on being a Teacher of Spirit and a mentor to inspire others to deepen their spiritual practice and their experience of their own soul.

Gurudev Singh serves as a member of the Teacher Training Executive Committee (TTEC) and uses his skills in communication to serve as the Chairperson of the Communication Council. His neutrality and grace in all forms of communication has served the mission of the council with grace and strength through reaching out to other trainers and continuing to expand and elevate the reputation of KRI and Teacher Training. He always makes time to sit and listen to each individual with a need, concern or suggestion.

Gurudev Singh is a Lead Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainer and mentors members of the Academy in Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia. He recently traveled to Chile for the Chilean Yoga Festival and the South American Trainer’s Forum in Santiago, Chile. His skills in facilitation in both English and Spanish served to open the dialogue among all the Trainers attending the event through the use of Open Space Technology.

Here is Gurudev Singh speaking of some of his experiences with the Siri Singh Sahib.

When and where did you first meet the Siri Singh Sahib?

A friend of mine invited me to go to a Tantric in 1977 in Mexico City. As a student on a low budget I was reluctant to spend money on three days of a Tantric course especially because sadhana was free. But he insisted for a long time and I agreed to go to the Friday session only (in those days Tantric was 3 days long).

Little did I suspect that this single action would change the course of my life. In a few words I saw the Siri Singh Sahib from afar that evening, had an amazing meditative experience and decided to come back for the rest of the course. The powerful moment came when I decided to approach him. He spoke directly to my soul reminding me about my true destiny, rearranged a few karmas and changed my life with three sentences. A few months later I left Mexico City to be near him in Los Angeles.

What was one of the most memorable lessons or messages the Siri Singh Sahib gave to you personally?

I was blessed with having many personal moments with him because he would come to Mexico at least twice a year. Once to vacation for a whole week, and the second time for a course, and Babaji and myself were his hosts. The main personal lesson for me over many years came from him challenging me to match my consciousness with my destiny. He used every possible tool to make me mature (love, confrontation, seeding doubts) in all domains of life (personal, spiritual, relations, business, education). He once told me, with a wise grin, that I was too impatient because it had taken him 26 years to learn to be a teacher and I wanted it do it in 40 days. As it turned out, he was right.

Please tell us about your family. Are any of your children also Kundalini Yoga Teachers?

My three children are all certified Kundalini Yoga teachers. I am very proud of them. They all have a strong sense of where they came from, a connection to the teachings and have completed their college education and have a great future in front of them. My wife Sat Kaur and I just celebrated 31 years of happy marriage.

How do you balance your life as a business man and a teacher and do you think it is important to have a personal business as a Trainer?

This has been a challenging area of my life. I often had to remind myself that Yogi Bhajan asked me to get into business to share my prosperity. In fact, he asked to make a lot of money to support him in his old age. As it turned out, this was not necessary, at least in this lifetime but it was definitely useful to put my 3 kids through college.

I am a strong believer in making my living in business. Being a financially independent teacher gives me the opportunity to approach the teachings from a service perspective and this ultimately lets me project with a very clear intention.

Do you have a favorite section of Teacher Training to deliver and why?

My favorite sections of the teachings are Mind and Mediation, everything that has to do with the Gurus and devotion, Humanology, Communication. The list goes on, I love all of it.


Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

Director of Reach Out–Teach Out





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KRI Newsletter - In this Month's issue



May CEO / Meditation Video


Nirvair Newsletter Video


Can't view the videos above?

View this month's Message and Kriya on our homepage here


May Kriya: Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart Center, to Increase the Power of the Infinite Within


Q and A with the Master

Between 1990 and 2004, Yogi Bhajan personally answered questions on Kundalini Yoga and Teaching Kundalini Yoga. In this new area of the KRI newsletter we will share many of these answers directly from the Master.

This first gem comes from 1998 and the beauty of our Master’s love and respect for each Instructor of Kundalini Yog shines through. His letter was in response to a question about competition between teachers and territory:

January 22, 1998
Sat Nam. We will worship every rising star and help them. Every certified teacher (instructor) of ours is a star. We’ll not interfere with the personality. Each one is to excel ten times more than the Siri Singh Sahib and there is no personality power struggle. That is only ego.

We dwell in God. As pure as we act, so we become. We win though purity and the best will survive.

We include everyone and as a Leader we must:

Shine the Talent
Confront if necessary

May Guru Ram Das bless you and guide you. In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.


Humbly yours,
Yogi Bhajan









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Transformation - Volume One: Mastering the Self

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Transformation Volume Two:
Serving the Infinite


Transformation - Volume Two: Serving the Infinite

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Review Your Purchases

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Sat Nam! We here at KRI know that many of you are deeply affected by the kundalini yoga books, manuals,and DVDs you purchase from The Source, our online store. Starting in December we will include a short review of one of our monthly sale items in our KRI newsletter, submitted by one of our readers. To encourage you to review a book or DVD we will give a KRI yogi tea mug of your choice and a 20% off coupon for The Source to the reader whose review we use for the newsletter each month. Please limit your review to 50 words or less and submit them to Gurudatta at Thanks!





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2) KRI Level 2 – Mind and Meditation Course June 30 – July 7


3) The 21 Stages of Meditation Course June 17-20, 2013

The First Journey—Crystallize the Self


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