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April 2013

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Sat Nam.


Greetings from New Mexico. Spring has arrived and all of its green energy of growth is becoming evident. This time of year reminds that we always have the opportunity to leave the winter behind and step into a whole new cycle of growth in awareness and consciousness.

There are many celebrations that happen in the Spring season. Guruka Singh from writes about the spring celebration of Vaiskaki. “Vaisakhi is the most festive day for the Sikhs and is usually celebrated all over the world on the 13th and 14th April annually. This unique occasion marks the establishment of the Khalsa Panth and the idea of creating a universal brotherhood and a casteless society. It is founded on the principle of wishing good to all (sarbhatt da bhalla) and equality of all human beings (manas ki jaat sabhe eke pahchanbo).”

The birth of Buddha is celebrated on the full moon in April or in May depending on what calendar is used. In Japan, it is celebrated on April 8th. Yogi Bhajan tells a good story about Buddha and the power of the word on April 14, 1997.

“The mouth of the person opens and the person speaks; once the word goes out, sometimes those words can take the man out of the city. That’s how powerful it is.

So, you have to understand that your power to communicate if it does not mix with your spirit and with your caliber of honor you should not speak. Weigh yourself. Say it what is right. Say what is correct. Because when you’ll speak ill, it pollutes your mind.

There is a great story of Mahatma Buddha. Somebody came to see him. He brought lot of gifts. And started, “Buddha, you don’t deserve it, you are a son of dog, your mother was this. You were thrown out of the kingdom, this...”

He kept him abusing about two hours.

And when he stopped, Mahatma Buddha said, “Two and a half hour is one-tenth of the day, why don’t you finish another half an hour? This is your sadhana completed.”

He said, “You challenge me?”

He started abusing him again. For two and a half hours. When the time was up Buddha said, “God Bless you.”

He said, “That’s it?”

Buddha said, “Now. Please take all these presents back with you.”

He said, “Why?”

Buddha, “Neither do I have to accept your abuses nor I accept your presents.” “

Now available in our Ebook store an invaluable resource that employs the positive power of the word! Psyche of the Golden Shield by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur. (link) In Yogi Bhajan’s introduction to the book, he says, ”We have the privilege and blessing to compile a handbook of the shabds, a celestial organizing tool. When used correctly, following the details enclosed with each shabd, one can assure health, wealth, prosperity and purity at hard times in one’s life.”

Are you a Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan™ teacher? Do you have a Yoga Center? Our wholesale store is now open for qualified buyers. You can find it here...

Join me this summer for “21 Stages of Meditation” first journey. It will be a fantastic experience in deep meditation and self- discovery! June 17 to June 20 here in New Mexico right before 3ho Summer Solstice Sadhana.

Kind regards and blessings,

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

CEO Kundalini Research Institute





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Recipe of the month:  "Achieving Engagement with the Sixth Chakra"


Pre Spring, (March 15th-April 15th) 7 Day Mono Diet to Revive Your Entire System


Watch the Video Message Here!

Mono Diet

This recipe was given by Yogi Bhajan when he taught the Chaar Padh Meditation. It is found on the the DVD "The Sixth Chakra", Part One, from the KRI DVD Series "The Chakras", and in the companion manual "The Chakras" pp. 102-103

The Ingredients are:
Almonds (without the skins)
Ghee or Olive Oil

Raisins and Saffron are soaked overnight and as the rice is cooking you can blanch the almonds by soaking them in water and removing the skins, pinching the large end and popping them off.
Then you simply sauté all the ingredients in the ghee or olive oil and serve with yogurt. In the lecture, Yogi Bhajan did not specify the proportions, but for our test batch we used 3/4 cup raisins, 3/4 cup almonds, 1/8th teaspoon saffron, and two cups of cooked rice and it seemed like the proper balance. We used 2 tablespoons of ghee to sauté the ingredients.

The ideal time to eat this dish is any seven day period during what Yogi Bhajan refers to as Pre Spring, anytime between March 15h to April 15th. Seven days only! You must also only drink lemon water during this mono diet, not straight water.

This pre spring, early spring is a time when the entire body renews itself and this diet is perfect for assisting with that process. It gives tremendous stamina and flexibility. It will revive your entire system. It is also an ideal diet to "achieve engagement" with the 6th Chakra, the Ajna.





Research and Kundalini Yoga


Ordinarily, writing a book intended for the general public is not at the top of many scientists’ to do list, but an opportunity was presented that could not be passed up. Your Brain on Yoga is an ebook that has just been published by Harvard Health Publications at Harvard Medical School ( ). It is a testament to the popularity and growth of yoga in the general population and in clinical settings that I (SBSK) was invited as a Harvard Medical School faculty member to author this book – one that has both the name “Harvard Medical School” and the word “yoga” on the cover. I am not sure that such a public association between an internationally-leading academic medical institution and yoga would have been conceivable 20 years ago.

The content of this book is meant to be an informative overview of the concrete scientific findings in the field of yoga research, and also as a practical resource for readers that includes specific Kundalini Yoga techniques as well as cautions and recommendations for beginners interested in yoga. The book is written to describe the effects of yoga and meditation practice in modern scientific language, which could provide yoga instructors and therapists with information and relevant language for conveying their passion from an evidence-informed and medically relevant perspective.

A large majority of the population places a high value on information that has been supported by scientific research. The ability to communicate using the language of science is an important skill for those interested in participating in the incorporation of yoga and meditation into the existing systems in modern society. The current healthcare system focuses a great deal on the treatment of the symptoms of disorders and illnesses, typically with technological approaches including pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. On the other hand, yoga and meditation offer a practical solution to the underlying root causes of the disorders and illnesses that many people are afflicted with today. Scientists, healthcare providers and the policy and decision makers in our society can only understand and appreciate yoga and meditation in terms of its proven efficacy as supported by the available scientific research literature. An important goal of this
book was to summarize some of the relevant research in a manner appropriate for the general public.

This book also describes the major challenges and disorders that plague our society, predominantly lifestyle diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes and depression, and describes an important culprit in these disorders as chronic stress from our inability to cope with the fast pace of our modern world. Yoga practices have been tested and proven to physiologically reduce and even improve these conditions by serving as a stress management tool, boosting our immune systems, slowing down the aging process, improving our cognition, balancing our mood and increasing overall physical vitality. With the use of brain imaging technologies, yoga and meditation have been shown to activate specific brain areas associated with elevated mood, better concentration and a greater sense of peace. Additionally, studies have also shown that yoga and meditation can change the physical structure and chemical composition of our brains and can even change the way a person’s DNA is expressed throughout the body. Despite the mental and physical health challenges of contemporary society, yoga and meditation can help manage stress and build an inner resiliency of body and mind to handle life’s challenges.

Also included in this book is an examination and a response to the public concern that has surfaced recently around yoga as a potentially harmful activity to one’s health and well-being. For those new to yoga, a few different schools of yoga are briefly described to provide the reader with enough information to make an educated decision in choosing one’s own practice. Moreover, specific practices from the Kundalini yoga tradition are embedded throughout the book, including such practices as Shabad Kriya and Kirtan Kriya and more. As those of us who practice and teach Kundalini Yoga are aware, as little as 10-15 minutes a day of one of these practices can change one’s life and allow people to live more harmoniously with an increased aptitude for handling stress.


Your Brain on Yoga is an ebook available from online sellers including in versions for both computer and Kindle readers.


Research and Kundalini Yoga


JanSev Singh


Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.






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News from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings


Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

 April: Green/Inner and Outer Environment

Earth Day is Monday April 22nd

Spring Equinox was March 20th, so we are now officially in the Spring season! This month we are celebrating being “green” in both our inner and outer environments. This makes me think of an interesting question: what exactly do we mean when we say “green”, as in “green” technology?

Well, we all think of green as a dominant color of nature due to the beautifully rich and diverse palette of greens that belong to the leaves of countless varieties of trees and plants. So, in this sense, green is acting in a manner that preserves, promotes, and sustains our symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature.

However, can we be “green” internally as well? In Yogic philosophy, green is often the color associated with the heart chakra (pink is often included with green, too). Chanting Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru; I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru will be the Summer Solstice 2013 meditation, with the accompanying theme of the First Sutra of Yogi Bhajan’s Five Aquarian Sutras: Recognize the Other Person as You. This theme asks us to connect through the heart, to utilize the heart chakra to be of service. 3HO has a beautiful version of this mantra, along with an accompanying suggested meditation, available at: This would be a great meditation to practice to get a sense of inner-”greening”.

Furthermore, inner-”greening” could mean treating one’s self to a Spring cleanse by taking advantage of the rhythm of nature as Spring arrives. This could incorporate more greens in your diet, which are known for their bitter taste which promotes liver and digestive cleansing and renewal. Consider asking a qualified natural healthcare provider for a Spring cleanse that would work for you; or try this month’s recipe from Yogi Bhajan for the Sixth Chakra!

Earth Day is Monday April 22nd this year, so consider checking out for inspiration on how you can take action to make this world a more “green” place. Consider getting together with friends or family and planting a tree or starting a vegetable garden. Whatever you do, get outside together with your community and take time to appreciate your inner and outer environments!

Speaking of community, we’d like to thank these new donors who have contributed financial support to The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings project:

Angela Holder
Anna Maria Pons Marques
Anocha Ghoshachandra
Bernice Rudolph
Lorena Vallejo Mass
Philippa Hughes
Ruth Maier

Just so you know, we are building momentum with The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings and are now aiming to have the initial stages of the LOT online and user-accessable by Late Summer or Early Autumn. There are approximately 1,600 Yogi Bhajan video lectures remaining that require digitization and preservation for the LOT, so your donations are absolutely essential for this project! Visit and support these incredible project today!

In Service,

Siri Sadhana Singh Khalsa
Fundraising for The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings
Kundalini Research Institute
Donate today!:



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Library of Teachings Tech Update


The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Database
An Update from the World of 1s and 0s


LOT Tech Update

As many of you know, we’ve been working toward a publicly available repository of Yogi Bhajan’s Teachings, officially known as The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings (LOT) database and associated web application(s) for some time now.

We’re very close to being able to test the initial database sample internally. But ultimately there will be close to 6500 transcribed lectures in the database available to the public, and most will be supported by digitized audio and video recordings. The lecture metadata and transcript are stored as XML and, because of this, are available for full text searching. The XML database system we’re using (MarkLogic) is the world leader in XML data storage and has fantastic query support.

In addition to world-class XML management, there’s lots of other neat technology involved in this project: We’re using Amazon Cloud S3 (digital storage) services for storing audio and video files, and Amazon EC2 to host our database and web servers. We taking advantage of Google’s free text captioning services (via their YouTube application programming interface) to create a version of the lecture transcript with timings embedded so that they can be “played” with a video. Here’s what a raw timed-transcript (aka “caption”) file looks like (snippet):

There are lot of things in the world as
known and Chinese have gone in detail in a

meridian therapy where the, how the meridian
acts and super act and supervise and once

you know somebody has a vertebra topped up,
so it got adjusted so out of that came a recognized

science of chiropractics.
In the beginning healing was a way of life,

We have a great crew from all over the US, and the world, actually, working on this effort. Satsimran Kaur (LA) and Nirvair Singh (Espanola) are providing executive oversight. Guru Amrit (Virginia) is project manager. Pankaj (Bangalore) is doing the public web application coding. Avalon Consulting (HQ in TX) is developing a web application that lets content managers create and update lecture metadata and transcripts. Vijayalakshmi (India), and Jai Jeet Sangeet Kaur and Deva Kaur (both here in Espanola) are the lecture content managers and they are helping with testing Avalon’s web application. My name is Abhai Raj Singh, and I live in Espanola and together with Param Sangat Kaur (also in Espanola), we are testing software and loading data into the new database.

Here’s an inside look for all you 1s and 0s fans out there. This is a lecture in XML (transcript is truncated):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<results warning="more than one root item">
 <lecture objectType="lecture">
   <title>Gurdwara  - Life has a Death</title>
   <licensingAuthority>Kundalini Research Institute</licensingAuthority>
   <tapeLabel>Gurdwara, ?Life has a Death?</tapeLabel>
       <body class="lecture-transcript" xmlns="">


<p class="pa-1"><span class="ca-1">…“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waha Guru Ji Ki Fateh”</span></p>

<p class="pa-1"><span class="ca-1">The Kirtan, the Shabad we were hearing,</span></p>

<p class="pa-1"><span class="ca-1">‘(?) na marna hoye aisi marni jo marey (?) na marna hoye.'</span></p>

<p class="pa-1"><span class="ca-1">It doesn't relate to you at all because you are Americans and it now doesn't relate to Indians also, but when there was all wisdom good time, true times man understood life has a death ultimate and inevitable.  Something, which everybody has to face.</span></p>

<p class="pa-1"><span class="ca-1">‘Jo upajo so binsey.'</span></p>




Look for another update in June. Until then, Sat Naam,
Abhai Raj Singh Khalsa
Software Architect
Joti Software: Light on Data



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KRI Newsletter - In this Month's issue



April CEO / Meditation Video


Nirvair Newsletter Video


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View this month's Message and Kriya on our homepage here


April Kriya: Merging with Infinity/Ardas Bhaee



April Specials

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Check out our new Ebook Section!


The Source:

Perfect for Spring Renewal!

Rebirthing Book
Breath, Vitality & Strength
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan(r)


The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery. - Yogi Bhajan

Heal the pain of the past and overcome the obstacles which keep you from living your best life-awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose. Rebirthing Courses by Yogi Bhajan have long been some of the most talked about classes he offered in his 35 years of teaching in the United States and abroad. For the first time, these kriyas are now available in a single manual along with the lectures that accompanied them.

All 32 courses are represented in this manual; and 24 are available in the accompanying DVD Series.

Regular Retail: $39.95 / Promo: $33.96

Success and the Spirit
An Aquarian Path to Abundance
Lectures and Meditations from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

With more than 15 Lectures and 40 Kriyas and meditations, Success and the Spirit gives you the practical techniques you need to become more peaceful, more bountiful, more joyous and more giving.

Regular Retail: $24.95 / Promo: $21.21

"I wanted to send you a review on the book Success and the Spirit.

Great book, lots of wisdom on prosperity & being successful in life; many kriyas and meditations to accomplish it!

Thank you!"


Rebirthing DVD Lecture Series


Includes 24 DVDs from the Rebirthing courses, which Yogi Bhajan taught from the fall of 1988 through the spring of 1989
The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery. - Yogi Bhajan

1. Rebirthing l
2. Rebirthing ll
3. Rebirthing lll
4. Rebirthing lV
5. Unloading Your Pain & Fear l
6. Unloading Your Pain & Fear ll
7. Unloading the Pain of Perpetual Memories l
8. Unloading the Pain of Perpetual Memories ll
9. Release Your Garbage
10. Ardh Kechari Kriya
11. Getting Rid of Transit Memories l
12. Getting Rid of Transit Memories ll
13. Removing the Fears from the Fifth Month in the Womb l
14. Removing the Fears from the Fifth Month in the Womb ll
15. Clearing the Magnetic Block from the Womb l
16. Clearing the Magnetic Block from the Womb ll
17. Cleaning the Clutter of the Mind l
18. Cleaning the Clutter of the Mind ll
19. Cleaning the Mind l
20. Cleaning the Mind ll
21. Cleaning the Mind for Deep Meditation
22. Letting Go of the Pain of the Seventh Year
23. Clearing the Subconscious Stories
24. Dropping Your Personal Pain plus Bonus DVD: Prosperity Lecture &

Regular Retail: $19.95 per DVD

Promo: $16.96 per DVD

And remember the everyday discount price for each 8 DVD set within the series, 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24 is only
$119.70 per 8 DVD set! (25% off)

Thank you all!




Review Your Purchases

from The Source!

Sat Nam! We here at KRI know that many of you are deeply affected by the kundalini yoga books, manuals,and DVDs you purchase from The Source, our online store. Starting in December we will include a short review of one of our monthly sale items in our KRI newsletter, submitted by one of our readers. To encourage you to review a book or DVD we will give a KRI yogi tea mug of your choice and a 20% off coupon for The Source to the reader whose review we use for the newsletter each month. Please limit your review to 50 words or less and submit them to Gurudatta at Thanks!





1) KRI Level 1 – Immersion Course July 28 – August 30, 2013


KRI Level Two Course


2) KRI Level 2 – Mind and Meditation Course June 30 – July 7


3) The 21 Stages of Meditation Course June 17-20, 2013

The First Journey—Crystallize the Self


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