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Sat Nam and Greetings from New Mexico. This is a great time of year to give thanks. There was an abundant harvest of fruits and vegetables in New Mexico this year. Our KRI staff had a wonderful harvest lunch from our gardens and trees. There was even Yogi Tea cupcakes! I am also very grateful to the hard working staff at KRI. We have a wonderful group of Yogis that work here and consciously live Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Have you met our small but highly effective staff? You can meet them here.

I am also very grateful for our KRI Board of Directors. It is a fine group of volunteers that love the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and spend their time and money so that our staff and mission are supported in the work. You can meet them here….

Yogi Bhajan gave a lecture on November 2, 1994 where is spends the entire time giving thanks for all blessings and challenges. He says, “Our thanks from the bottom of our heart that guidance of the Guru gave us the endurance, the character, the power of the forgiveness, life of the gratitude, the attitude of service and standing out to serve, for which we are grateful. This thanksgiving is not to roast a turkey, we are very grateful that this thanksgiving today is to save a turkey. It is a very powerful thing to understand life. When there is a negative and doesn’t matter from which quarter it comes, it is fanned by ego. It is simple. The way of the Sikh is very simple. Whenever there is a negativity, doesn’t matter what, where it comes from, it is fanned by ego. Whenever man wants to get out of it, he can only get out of it with his consciousness, which is positive path and that’s what Guru says and instructs us. For which we have thanks to give. That there is a guidance, He is with us forever.”

Check out the video of the month as well. I demonstrate a kriya from “Praana Praani Praanayam” It is a very powerful kriya that has amazing results. I am really enjoying practicing these monthly kriyas with you.

Have you seen the new DVD series by Yogi Bhajan? “The Chakras.” This great DVD set has two lectures per Chakra and explores the meaning and utilization of each of the 7 chakras. If you are teaching classes on the Chakras then this will give you more information and a deeper understanding of the chakras. You can buy it here…

This DVD series would make a great present for your Kundalini Yoga friends and family during this upcoming giving season.

May we all give Thanks for our many blessings.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

CEO Kundalini Research Institute





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News from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings


Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

 Greetings from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings,

November is a month of gratitude. The energy of this month reminds us of the bounty of the Fall harvest, the coziness of Winter and the love of our families and community. There are many things that I am grateful for this year and somewhere near the top of that list is my gratitude for The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings. A dynamic, searchable database of Yogi Bhajan’s teaching history means that I can interact with this body of knowledge in an entirely new way. Anywhere I go on this planet, I can take his entire body of teachings with me! I am very grateful for that.

We have exciting news from Espanola, New Mexico. The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings is very close to having an online searchable database available. Sometime in early 2013, there will be a website where the global community can find and rediscover Yogi Bhajan lectures. Stay close to our website to keep abreast of the launch ( ).

I am also very grateful for all of our donors. Your continued support makes our work possible. Your donations have an exponential benefit that will impact many future generations to come. In these last few months before the initial launch, we need especially generous donations. Please consider being one of those generous donors. You can donate at

Thank you to all of our donors and a special mention to our new donors from September:

Bay Oaks Home For The Aged, Inc.
Dennis Nolan
Gotham City Work
Judith Dart
Kumiko Nakayama
Mehtab Khalsa
Natalie Bell-Whitaker
Rammit Kaur Bhullar
Rebecca Garrett
Seventh Chakra Yoga

Sat Nam,
Sat Kirtan and The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings



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We Are KRI


Sat Nam,

Greetings from the Golden Temple. In North America, November is the month we celebrate thanksgiving. As Kundalini Yogis, we are graced to arise in the Amrit Vela and begin the day in remembrance and gratitude for the gift of the breath. How cool is that? And what is even more amazing is that thousands of us all around the world share in this blessing each day.

One of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan that I return to again and again is the Ten Manners of Life. This is one of the Teachings that Yogi Bhajan shared from his guest house in Espanola. He used to go on walks and share these bits of wisdom. Thank you to Gurubachan Singh (of Espanola who has just returned home from his Lord of Miracle tour in South America) who took notes to share with all of us and to Sat Hari Singh of Hamburg who published these in The Name of the Cosmos. (If you would like to read more of these wonderful words of wisdom, you can read or download this book from the KRI website
I love this because every time I read it I see something different. I hope you enjoy The Ten Manners of Life, and take some time to visit the Tools for Teachers on the KRI Website. There are many wonderful downloads that you can use for your classes and to just enjoy reading the words of our Teacher.

The Ten Manners of Life

If you want growth, you want to glow, you want grace, you want everything, you just need to follow the ten manners of life.

  1. Listen

  2. Feel the Other Person

  3. Discuss and Dialogue

  4. Come to a Mutual Understanding

  5. Plan the Strategy:This must be mutual and you need to understand what happens.

  6. Keep the Communication

  7. Evaluate

  8. Achieve

  9. Exchange Greetings

  10. Be Thankful

These are the laws for every human being to follow. These are ten good things that will help you win.

Blessings from the Golden Temple,


Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

Director of Reach Out–Teach Out




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Review Your Purchases from The Source!

Sat Nam! We here at KRI know that many of you are deeply affected by the kundalini yoga books, manuals,and DVDs you purchase from The Source, our online store. Starting in December we will include a short review of one of our monthly sale items in our KRI newsletter, submitted by one of our readers. To encourage you to review a book or DVD we will give a KRI yogi tea mug of your choice and a 20% off coupon for The Source to the reader whose review we use for the newsletter each month. Please limit your review to 50 words or less and submit them to Gurudatta at Thanks!





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Recipe of the month


A Great Fall Cleanse

Beet-Carrot Casserole


Beet-Carrot Casserole


This dish is cleansing to the liver and the digestive tract. To help your body do its own inner cleaning, eat as a mono diet for one week in the spring or fall.

2 bunches scallions, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
ghee or vegetable oil
1 bunch beets
1 lb. carrots
soy sauce
ground black pepper
1 lb. grated cheese

Scrub beets and carrots. Steam beets whole. (Don't cut off roots or stems.) After about 15-20 minutes, add carrots. Steam until tender but firm. Then remove outer peels from beets and carrots. (These should easily slip off.) Grate using a coarse grater. Keep beets and carrots separate to preserve their distinct colors. Saute scallions and garlic in oil or ghee until tender. Toss with beets and carrots and black pepper. Place in casserole dish. Sprinkle with tamari. Cover with grated cheese and broil until cheese is melted and golden.

Serves 4-6 






November Specials

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Check out our new Ebook Section!


The Source:

Art & Yoga
Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life
Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa

Heal and serve your soul, your community and your world with Art & Yoga. This book provides step-by-step guidelines to work with art and yoga as complementary practices.

Regular Price: $29.95
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New Book!
Everyday Excellence

The Art of Success
Sadhana Singh

Everyday Excellence gives you the tools you need to break through your existing patterns that hold you back from being successful. Yogi Bhajan's Eight Elements of Excellence, as outlined in these pages, is your road map. Begin your journey today-and every day!

Regular Retail: $17.95
Promo: $15.26

New DVD Lecture Series!
The Chakras


A two lecture per Chakra Exploration

of the Meaning and Utilization of

each of the 7 Chakras

1A The First Chakra w/"Meditation on the First Chakra"
1B The First Chakra w/"Meditation on the First Chakra"

2A The Second Chakra w/"Meditation on the Second Chakra"
2B The Second Chakra w/"Meditation on the Second Chakra"

3A The Third Chakra w/"Meditation on the Third Chakra"
3B The Third Chakra w/"Meditation on the Third Chakra

4A The Fourth Chakra w/"Meditation on the Fourth Chakra"
4B The Fourth Chakra w/"Arti Kriya"

5A The Fifth Chakra w/"Meditation on the Fifth Chakra"
5B The Fifth Chakra w/"Meditation on the Fifth Chakra"

6A The Sixth Chakra w/"Chaar Padh Meditation"
6B The Sixth Chakra w/"Meditation on Being a Yogi"

7A The Seventh Chakra w/"Hissing Meditation for the Glandular System l"
7B The Seventh Chakra w/"Hissing Meditation for the Glandular System ll"

Each Chakra package

is a two DVD lecture set
Regular: $24.95
Promo: $21.21 per two DVD package


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