Outline of the Course

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Journey One - Experience and Crystalize the Self

First Journey: The Crystallized Self
The focus of the first journey is to recognize, experience and crystallize the Self. The blocks are encountered in the first four stages: upset, boredom, irritation and frustration. The first ascent starts when we have a sense of our Self, separate from all the commotions, emotions and sensory impulses; we begin to focus and recognize a still point, a nucleus within, which is the Self. It is this crystallized sense of Self that is needed in order for consciousness to work.

  • Stage 1 – Upset
    Meditation to Conquer Upset

  • Stage 2 – Boredom
    Meditation: See Your Horizon

  • Stage 3 – Irritation
    Meditation: Eyeglass Traatik

  • Stage 4 - Frustration
    Meditation: Self-Hypnosis to Dissolve Frustration

  • Stage 5 – Focus
    Meditation: For Focus and an Alert Mind

  • Stage 6 – Absorption
    Meditation: For Absorption in the Crystal Being

  • Stage 7 – Experience and Crystallize the Self
    Meditation : To Experience and Crystallize the Self

Stage One—Upset. Although not exactly what we imagine when we think of meditation, upset is a part of our human experience and learning to manage it is key. Here’s the illustration and commentary Yogi Bhajan gave for Stage One—Upset:



“Negative thoughts come at you like arrows. Your strong positive arcline in the aura absorbs the energy of the thought and moves it spiraling up through the central channel of the spine to create more awareness above. The Jappa of the mantra cuts each thought so its form changes from negative to positive and it can be passed on to the central channel. In this way you are still, happy and master the upset that comes from the defensive thoughts.” –Yogi Bhajan





Journey Two - Express and Distill the Self

Second Journey: The Expressive Self
In this second journey, the initial challenge is to develop a sensitivity to the Self, as we engage in relationships and participate in life. When we take the seed of our Self and our identity and project it into the world, it expands. In this second journey, we cultivate the meditative skill to merge with our projection yet still be able to distill our Self from the various roles we play; in this way, this second journey prepares us to maintain our integrity in action and ultimately to find the stillness within every action.

  • Stage 8 – Rasa
    Meditation Series for Rasa

  • Stage 9 – Delight
    Meditation: For Delight, Destiny and Creative Flow in Life

  • Stage 10 – Politeness
    Meditation for Politeness

  • Stage 11 – Humility
    Meditation: Bowing Before the Infinite for Humility
    Meditation: Speaking Humbly before the Creative Infinity
    Meditation: Bowing for Humility to Transfer Prana

  • Stage 12 – Elevation
    Meditation for Elevation
    Meditation for Rasas and the Inner Eye
    Meditation for Elevation

  • Stage 13 - Graceful Enlightenment
    Meditation for Graceful Enlightenment and Strength of Heart

  • Stage 14 – Express and Be Your Self
    The Laya Yoga Kundalini Mantra
    Meditation: To Clear the Channels and Raise Kundalini
    Meditation on the Laya Yoga Kundalini Mantra
    Meditation: Sankh Mudra Kriya
    Laya Meditation to Beam and Create
    Meditation: Sukh Sadhana
    Meditation to Express Your Real Self and Develop the Subtle Body

Stage 13—Graceful Enlightenment—marks the beginning of the end of duality. Mastery of the polarities begins at the heart; we quit judging the life we’re living and instead, begin living from compassion, insight and expansiveness.




“The three gunas, the three forces of nature, are all balanced. That opens the heart. On that the head is fixed and steady. You are aware of All and the Crown Chakra shines as the Sixth Chakra commands.” –Yogi Bhajan






Journey Three - Transcend and Sublimate the Self

Third Journey: The Transcendent Self
In this final journey, we recognize all that we are as the formless presence of the infinite Self. We open the dimension of our Transcendent Self. This journey requires us to go beyond differences and similarities
into reality and unity. By forging an elevated identity with our infinite Self within our finite self, we become spontaneous, creative and flexible. We excel in this infinite game of the soul. Love, compassion and kindness become the core of our experience. At the peak of this journey we become the nothing within the center of all that is. Mystery is now mastery. The sacred space opens up to intuitive presence, which serves innocence, loves life, blesses all, and praises the Infinite, the all within All. You become you, nothing more, nothing less. In this final journey, we become realized human beings.

  • Stage 15 - Presence Like a Beacon
    Tattva Siddhi Meditation for Presence Like a Beacon

  • Stage 16 - Everywhere Radiance
    Meditation: Polishing the Radiant Body

  • Stage 17 - Prayerful Stillness
    Meditation: Deeksha Patra for Prayerful Stillness

  • Stage 18 – Preacher
    Meditation: Chautay Padma Nirgun Mantra

  • Stage 19 – Teacher
    Teacher Meditation- Traatik to See the Energy

  • Stage 20 – Sage
    Meditation for the Sage: Sarb Gyan Kriya

  • Stage 21 - Infinite Pulse
    Meditation for Infinite Pulse: Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Stage 20--The Sage. This stage marks the final climb toward the Infinite Pulse. Illusion fades away; the notion that there is a me and a you and an it falls away. There is no separation. This is the beginning of liberation.


Happy. Full above and below. Heaven and earth mingle in the heart of the sage. You are balance. Fruition comes to those who encounter you. Your prayer is reality. —Yogi Bhajan








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“What kind of life do you want to live? How can you develop it? What approach and formula can we use so we can grow and not suffer? Make meditation the art of life. Make meditation the science of life. Because only with that, and with that only, can you develop intuition.”

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 20, 1978




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