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Kundalini Research Institute


11-11-11 Aquarian Celebration




Countdown to the Aquarian Age:

- The 1,000-Day Sadhana Meditation -


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Meditation for an Invincible Spirit in the Aquarian Age


February 14, 2009 to November 10, 2011


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Meditation for an Invincible Spirit with Yogi Bhajan


Meditation for an Invincible Spirit


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Meditation for an Invincible Spirit in the Aquarian Age

A 1,000-Day Sadhana

We are quickly approaching the long awaited transition to the Aquarian Age. Much has been written about this. In essence it is humanity’s transition from adolescence to maturity. We leave behind the Piscean Era and enter into an age of global awareness, radiance, intuition and cooperation, an era that will usher in an age of equanimity and prosperity, accompanied by an
evolution in our capacity to perceive, think, feel and sense. Such growth would mean that much would need to be left behind—old structures and ways of thinking, communicating and living will pass. Confusion, depression, and conflicts will increase as the old ways of holding power—politically, religiously, socially and personally—all fight their last fight. This period of testing and growth will last until 2038, when a new stewardship of this planet and our selves will be realized and peace will have an opportunity to prevail on Earth.

Yogi Bhajan used his intuitive clarity to focus and prepare us for this transition,  noting that the dawning of the Age would be precisely at 11:30am (PST), November 11, 2011. The cusp period will end and the Age of Aquarius will begin. We will be challenged on every front—and from that pressure, a new culture of consciousness will bloom. He defined it as the time of Khalsa: those who are pure in heart, clear in conscience, fearless and effective in action, intuitive, kind, and compassionate, noble within the Self, and humble before the Infinite Creator.

One of the many blessings in the community of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is the love of discipline that allows us to awaken, expand and refine our awareness. With that expanded awareness we can act effectively, heal those in distress and enjoy the tumultuous, spontaneous creativity of life. We practice 40-day meditations to embody new experiences or increased capacities. We practice 90-day meditations to clear our subconscious and build new habits. We practice 120-day meditations to realize that awareness in our daily lives. But when we want to experience self-mastery and confirm our consciousness, beyond every change of time, space and circumstance, we practice 1,000 days.

A 1,000-day practice projects our newfound awareness, mastery and consciousness impersonally for all—it is impersonally personal—a discipline of grace that blesses all. In mythical and symbolic traditions like numerology, it represents the nobility of the individual,
“1”, expanded and radiant, as supported by the three “0’s”, the body, mind and spirit; negative, positive and neutral minds; and the three gunas. It is experience and mastery blended into a self-qualified awareness of human excellence.

Yogi Bhajan gave us a practice for the Aquarian Age, which calls on those inner virtues. He shared it so that we could act with integrity and clarity as teachers, healers and leaders; so that we could be human under the pressures of the times and the distractions of change, ego and emotion.

Our practice will be worldwide and you can join in at any point, adding to the global psyche, projection and prayer: that we may enter the Aquarian Age awake, aware and joyous. 3HO Foundation, The Kundalini Research Institute and Sikh Dharma International invite you to join us in this 1,000-day sadhana. We will be doing the following meditation for a 1,000 days, leading up to the Aquarian Shift on November 11, 2011. It uses the power of shabd—the technology of sound and consciousness. He originally introduced this mantra on February 5, 1992, soon after we entered the final cusp period of the Aquarian transition.

We will practice it 11 minutes each day. If you wish, you can increase the time to 31 minutes. Ideally, choose a regular time to do it each day. Get together with friends and students. Practice it in community: Be together. Be brilliant with light. Be powerful with prayer. Be prosperous. Face the future with an open heart and open arms.


The 1,000 day meditation begins February 14, 2009 and ends November 10, 2011.

On November 11, 2011 we will do a special meditation to complete this practice in a global wave of sound and consciousness. Join us as we prepare for the first Summer Solstice of the Aquarian Age, where the full energy of the sun ignites us and unites us in June 2012.

Let’s join hands and hearts as a contemplative community and act together in the love of excellence, the gratitude of being and the hope for peace and prosperity.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD
Director of Training
The Kundalini Research Institute


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